April 15, 2017 Episode 99: Jake vs Sean Trivia

Well it's time for another trivia show! The Movie Mafia crew couldn't return so what we decided to do instead is do cohost vs cohost. Yes it's Jake vs Sean with Scott being the asker of questions and scorekeeper. Scott picked some good questions, even if they're about movies made before the Mofos (and even their parents) were born. And one person pretty much seals the deal pretty damn early. The important thing is we all had lots of fun with this one, Jake having the most with his Angry Orchard of course. But first our longest into ever, with 6 fucked up news with a new drinking game, tons of new trailers to talk about, and guess what Jake went to see again?


Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

The Word Alive - The Runaway

OTEP - Blood Pigs

Memphis May Fire - Not Over Yet

Queen - We Are The Champions

Next time is the big 100, so the special plan is to do a special trilogy. Yes we will be talking about Bruce Motherfuckin' Campbell as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy. And we plan on having some guests if things go right, most of whom you've heard before on the show, but maybe some more? If YOU want to join in what's possibly gonna be the craziest episode ever, email us at unholymofos@gmail.com

Loads of outtakes: Sean forgets the plans for a minute because he doesn't listen to Scott, Jake's all alone on break, Cash me Outside, and much more

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