Flashback to.... just last year. Yeah, kind of recent movie for us to do on Cryosphere, but what the hell. It's  a fun movie for us to watch and comment on. Grab your copies, sync up and enjoy!


Bullet For My Valentine - Eye of The Storm

REO Speedwagon - Ridin' The Storm Out


More Episodes

Episode 140: Tales From the Crypt

July 8, 2018

After a few months, back to Tales From the Crypt we go! With the episodes The Reluctant Vampire, Easel Kill Ya, Undertaker's Palor, Mournin' Mess, Split Second and Deadline. Did we pick a good slab of episodes, tune in to find out! First, probably the most cringeworthy Fucked Up News Story ever, a Child's Play remake (why?), and some spoiler filled talk about Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.


Ghost - Dance Macabre

Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die

Trick Daddy - I'm A Thug

Next time around, it's to start a new franchise. And for this one we are going all the way to Springwood, in a small little house on Elm Street to have a Nightmare. That's right, we are finally talking some Freddy Motherfuckin' Krueger, starting with parts 1 and 2!

Outtakes: Almost a half hour of us bullshitting. Does Jake sound sick? What would the Cryptkeeper sound like with a Bane mask on? Have we ever played rap on the show before? And much more.


Episode 139: Constatine (2005) and Legion (2010)

June 26, 2018

Finally we get a two week break, hopefully this can remain consistent for a while. Even so, still a jam packed show, featuring heads in tailpipes, foot tacos, the final member of the adult Losers Club finally cast and a brief spoiler filled talk about The Incredibles 2. Then Sean once again does a Scrooged length rundown of Constatine while complaining about Keanu Reeves' line delivery. And Jake reels it in a little short with Legion, not the Exorcist 3 Legion, the one where Vision plays an angel and apparently angels are fucking scary looking.


A Perfect Circle - Passive

Metallica - Enter Sandman

Like A Storm - The Devil Inside

As I Lay Dying - My Own Grave

Pantera - Walk (RIP Vinnie Paul)

Next time around we return to Tales From the Crypt, continuing into Season 3.

Outtakes: Jake and Scott BS around, not realizing Sean is on mute the whole break.


Tales From the Cryosphere: Back To The Future

June 26, 2018

Gotta go back in tiiiiiiime! And back in time we go, revisiting the very first movie we covered on the show. Do the perceptions change, and what is Jake's shocking confession? Tune in to find out!

Music is basically all Huey Lewis and the News, because you can't do BTTF without Huey Lewis.


Episode 138: Dodgeball and Balls of Fury

June 11, 2018

So we're back after another extended break, so that means craps tons of news stories and What We've Been Watching, where once again we try not to talk too much about Infinity War and gush all over the new Halloween trailer. Then it's time to talk about small sports comedies, yes smaller than golf and bowling, with Dodgeball and Balls of Fury. Walken is in one of these, so yay more terrible impressions!


Def Leppard - Rock of Ages

Globo Gym Informerical (Sean's choice, he sure does pick weird ones, huh?)

Fit For a King - Tower of Pain

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

Hopefully we'll back back in two weeks rather than 3, to discuss some religious action horrors, with Constatine and Legion.


Tales From the Cryosphere: Judge Dredd

June 7, 2018

From Club Dread to Judge Dredd! That's right, this time around we revisit the 1995 Sylvester Stallone action flick, with Sean giving some insight while Jake watches the weather outside (to be fair, it looked cool). Sync up and enjoy!


Judas Priest - Breaking the Law

The Clash - I Fought the Law


Tales From the Cryosphere: Club Dread

May 24, 2018

You can try to sync your copies to us revisiting the Broken Lizard slasher comedy, buuuuut apparently we watch different versions, so you can just laugh at our antics, especially Sean who keeps talking about tums up bumholes. Enjoy!


Jimmy Buffet - Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffet - Son of a Son of a Sailor


Episode 137: House on Sorority Row and Urban Legend

May 22, 2018

We promise, very little Avengers talk on this episode. There's some, but not one hour worth of it. Now it's time to talk some slashers. Jake might be alone with his thougts on the 1983 slasher House on Sorority Row, followed by Sean running down the late 90s post Scream horror Urban Legend, which does lead to some intertesting convos about some legends. All this plus a new segment, "dog" bears,  IT Part 2 casting news, and very little talk about Deadpool 2 as Jake's the only one who has seen it for now (although he throws in a clever little subtle reference in his rundown, see if you can find it).


Eleine - Death Incarnate

Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster

Three Days Grace - The New Real

Next time around, we're going back to sports comedies with Balls of Fury and Dodgeball


BONUS EPISODE: The Avengers Infinity War (SPOILERS)

May 3, 2018

Whaaat? Didn't we already talk about Infinity War on the last episode pretty much? Maybe, BUT WE DIDN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT IT! It's way too damn hard to keep our thoughts on this movie in our segments, even if we do take an hour to talk about them. Plus we gotta bring on special guest and the man with enough comic book knowledge Wildman Willis. We do a quick rundown, highlighting the basic plot points (don't want to be there all night going every single detail) and discuss what possibly happens next. Strap right in, a lot really does have to be said! Plus, we're releasing this episode on the 10th anniversary of the first Iron Man, where it all began. How fuckin' cool is that?


Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

Metallica - Fade To Black


Episode 136: THE AVENGERS (also some Chuck Norris)

April 29, 2018

The rundowns (of Silent Rage and Missing In Action) pretty much take a backseat this week, as we just have to talk about Infinity War, spoilers all around of course. And believe it or not, we believe we haven't even scratched the surface! Stay tuned for a Bonus Episode soon. But yeah, Avengers, Chuck Norris, and other stuff, that's pretty much the gist of this episode.


The Spinners - Rubberband Man

Anthrax - What Doesn't Die

The Word Alive - Why Am I Like This

The Chuck Norris song

Next time around, two slashers one from the 80s and one from the 90s: House on Sorority Row and Urban Legend.

Outtakes: Some BS and then a ton of Chuck Norris facts.