March 26, 2017 Episode 96: The Ninth Configuration and Exorcist 3: Legion

Skype issues galore, Sean attempting to keep his rundown short while Jake is the one who does a longwinded one, clips galore, a volume warning at 2:51:28 (prepare your volume buttons before, folks, if you value your hearing), a major disagreement, and Power Rangers is finally out so what does Jake think of it? Tune in to episode 96 to hear all of this crazy shit and more!


Denny Brooks - San Antone

The Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper

Children of Bodom - Taste of My Scythe 

Was this episode a little too deep for you? Well, next time we will bring it back to some low brow humor with Will Ferrell sports movies, Semi Pro and Talledega Nights.

Outtakes: What could be causing the Skype issues, and what's that weird noise you hear at the end of the show?

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