March 12, 2017 Episode 94: Night of the Creeps and Alone in the Dark

What's that? Tom Motherfucking Atkins and Donald Pleasance in the same episode? You damn right! It's always a good time to talk about these classic actors! We are here to talk about the Fred Dekker classic Night of the Creeps and Alone in the Dark, not only with Pleasance but Jack Palance, Martin Landau and Howling Mad Murdock! And no this isn't the Uwe Boll movie we're talking about (we might beat that horse to death in this episode). All that plus the overuse of affidavit, football talk returning for now with Free Agency, little talks of Logan and Kong Skull Island, Stan returning for feedback and more.


Motionless in White - Loud (Fuck It)

Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy

Soilwork - Stabbing the Drama

Next time, it's time we wrap up season 1 of Supernatural with the last 6 episodes of that season. I mean, hell, we only been talking about it for two years.

Outtakes: Do you miss being a kid, Jake Busey, Night of the Creps, what was Sean's longest rundown, and Jake's plan for Fantasy next year.

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