March 5, 2017 Episode 93: The Bill Paxton Tribute Show with Twister and Nightcrawler

One of the finest actors to appear on the screen has unfortunately left us. I am talking about Bill "Game Over, Man! Game Over" Paxton. So in honor of the man, we decide to put our previous plans to the side and talk about two movies starring him, Twister and Nightcrawler (one has him for only 10 minutes at least, but hey he's in it). That and a debate between two of us about whether or not he was the greatest actor, a man who loves his porn so much, IT remake news, another Stephen King adaptation, tornado talk and more.


Pat Benetar - Shadows of the Night with a Paxton clip show (Bill was in the music video, so it only makes sense)

Van Halen - Humans Being

Sublime - April 29, 1992

All That Remains - Safe House

Next week we go back to our original plan of Night of the Creeps with Tom Atkins and Alone in the Dark with Donald Pleasance.

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