June 18, 2017 Episode 107: Alien and Aliens

In space, no one can hear you podcast. That's right, we're still in space this episode to start a new franchise retrospective, the Alien franchise. Sean's doing the first movie while getting damn close to tying his record for the Scrooged rundown, and Jake has many Bill Paxton impressions galore for the followup Aliens.


Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole

Hyprocrisy - Eraser

The Browning - Black Hole

Next time, we'll actually finish the retrospective with Alien 3 and Resurrection. Maybe someday we'll do the prequels and AVP, but mostly just sticking to the first 4... mostly. And tune in to that to see if Jake still hates part 3.

Outtakes: Jake shows his hand before the show even starts, and funny insult names.

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