May 23, 2017 Episode 103: Man On The Moon and Dumb & Dumber

One of the funniest comedians Jim Carrey is finally being talked about on the show. Although first we're gonna bring you down with the dramatic telling of the tragic life of Andy Kaufman in Man On the Moon. But we'll bring you right back up in one of the essential Carrey movies, Dumb & Dumber. Volume warnings a plenty in that rundown, people, just a warning.

First, Jake has another Wizard World to rundown much to the dismay of Sean, tales of people peeing in mailboxes and making out with snakes, and a little spoiler filled Logan talk. Poor Scott had to watch that and Man On the Moon on the same day, so he may not have a will to live anymore.


Apache Indian - Boom Shaka Laka

REM - Man on the Moon

Deadeye Dick - New Age Girl

Stone Sour - Fabuless

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (RIP, Chris Cornell)

So did you like the episode last week when we talked John Carpenter and Stephen King? Well, get ready for some more next week when we discuss The Thing and Children of the Corn.

Outtakes: Did Jake say "Alright go pee" or RIP? You be the judge.

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