April 30, 2017 Episode 100: The Evil Dead Trilogy

Well, here it is! We have actually made it the triple digits! And to celebrate this special occassion what better movies to talk about than the Evil Dead trilogy? Also we bring in some guests! Newty is back (for half of the episode), so is Stan (also for half of the episode), we also bring in Willis and Suzanne (who stick through until after the last movie). Things go crazy, as Jake pregamed a bit before the show therefore being wasted by the time it's time for his rundown of Army of Darkness, Stan discovers his mute button doesn't work in the most awkward ways, tons of bad impressions (from guess who?), Darth Ballsac leaves some feedback since he can't make it to the show, even a little brief talk about the remake since we chose not to include it. All this and the outtakes are why the show is as long as it is, although it's about a half hour shorter than 50.


Evil Dead Musical - Cabin In The Woods

Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs

Beartooth - The Lines

Hellyeah - Drink Drank Drunk

Evil Dead Musical - Do the Necronomicon

Evil Dead Musical - Look Who's Evil Now

Now for next time, we yet again are doing a trilogy, this time of the 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We've already talked about the reboots, might as talk about the originals. And thanks to all of you listeners for listening these last two years! Here's to 100 more!

Outtakes: starts out with the first minute of our 1st episode just to show how far we've come in quality (believe me, it's a long way we've come), and then rather than just snippets, we include everything in between the segments, and then a little something extra.

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