August 21, 2017 Episode 114: Fargo and The Big Lebowski

You know that movie we seem to quote a lot? Well we figure it's damn time we cover it on the show! That's right, after the double feature of shitshows last week, we make a double feature of some well made, well acted and quotable films both done by the Coen Brothers, Fargo and The Big Lebowski. Scott didn't watch one of these movies, so he is completely out of his element.


Bob Dylan - The Man in Me

Law and Order theme (Sean will explain why)

Kenny Rogers - Just Dropped In

The World Alive - Inviting Eye

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Looking Out My Back Door

Next week, back to TV shows with Tales From the Crypt, where we will finish out Season 2. Remember, the Dude abides.

Outtakes: Scott is Donny, so who is Dude and Walter? And a bit more.

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