Well, here it is! We have actually made it the triple digits! And to celebrate this special occassion what better movies to talk about than the Evil Dead trilogy? Also we bring in some guests! Newty is back (for half of the episode), so is Stan (also for half of the episode), we also bring in Willis and Suzanne (who stick through until after the last movie). Things go crazy, as Jake pregamed a bit before the show therefore being wasted by the time it's time for his rundown of Army of Darkness, Stan discovers his mute button doesn't work in the most awkward ways, tons of bad impressions (from guess who?), Darth Ballsac leaves some feedback since he can't make it to the show, even a little brief talk about the remake since we chose not to include it. All this and the outtakes are why the show is as long as it is, although it's about a half hour shorter than 50.


Evil Dead Musical - Cabin In The Woods

Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs

Beartooth - The Lines

Hellyeah - Drink Drank Drunk

Evil Dead Musical - Do the Necronomicon

Evil Dead Musical - Look Who's Evil Now

Now for next time, we yet again are doing a trilogy, this time of the 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We've already talked about the reboots, might as talk about the originals. And thanks to all of you listeners for listening these last two years! Here's to 100 more!

Outtakes: starts out with the first minute of our 1st episode just to show how far we've come in quality (believe me, it's a long way we've come), and then rather than just snippets, we include everything in between the segments, and then a little something extra.


More Episodes

Tales From the Cryosphere: Tropic Thunder

April 27, 2017

Back two weeks in a row! This time we revisit the 2008 Ben Stiller action comedy Tropic Thunder. Time to talk drug habits, Tom Cruise and Jake annoying everyone with Power Rangers once again.


Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For the Devil


Tales From the Cryosphere: The Fog

April 20, 2017

Tales From the Cryosphere is back from it's long ass hiatus! We are popping Sean's cherry as he's never seen John Carpenter's The Fog, so watch along to see what he thinks. Also we have the ultimate of all debates: Is Adrienne Barbeau hot?


Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane

Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost In the Fog


Episode 99: Jake vs Sean Trivia

April 15, 2017

Well it's time for another trivia show! The Movie Mafia crew couldn't return so what we decided to do instead is do cohost vs cohost. Yes it's Jake vs Sean with Scott being the asker of questions and scorekeeper. Scott picked some good questions, even if they're about movies made before the Mofos (and even their parents) were born. And one person pretty much seals the deal pretty damn early. The important thing is we all had lots of fun with this one, Jake having the most with his Angry Orchard of course. But first our longest into ever, with 6 fucked up news with a new drinking game, tons of new trailers to talk about, and guess what Jake went to see again?


Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

The Word Alive - The Runaway

OTEP - Blood Pigs

Memphis May Fire - Not Over Yet

Queen - We Are The Champions

Next time is the big 100, so the special plan is to do a special trilogy. Yes we will be talking about Bruce Motherfuckin' Campbell as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy. And we plan on having some guests if things go right, most of whom you've heard before on the show, but maybe some more? If YOU want to join in what's possibly gonna be the craziest episode ever, email us at unholymofos@gmail.com

Loads of outtakes: Sean forgets the plans for a minute because he doesn't listen to Scott, Jake's all alone on break, Cash me Outside, and much more


Episode 98: Fight Club and American Psycho

April 9, 2017

Oh shit! You thought episode 96 was deep, you ain't seen nothing yet! This week we are breaking rules 1 and 2 of Fight Club by talking about it, and also talking about everyone's favorite killer yuppie Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Let's just say there's a reason this episode is nearly 4 hours long. What ties these movies together besides the fact that they both have Jared Leto? Tune in to find out!


Dust Brothers - Fight Club Opening Theme

Dust Brothers - This Is Your Life

Huey Lewis and the News - Hip To Be Square

Sum 41 - Count Your Last Blessings

Phil Collins - Sussudio 

Next time we will attempt another trivia show, with a lot more structure this time around. If things don't go as planned, we'll figure something else out. Also we spill the beans on what the big 100 is gonna be. If you're interested in joining in, write to to us at unholymofos@gmail.com.

Outtakes: The comic equivalent of Fight Club and predictions on how episode 100 will turn out.


Episode 97: Semi Pro and Talladega Nights

April 3, 2017

Will Ferrell returns to the show, this time around with sports movies (if you consider NASCAR a sport that is). But first a bunch of fucked up stories for Are You Shitting Me (some might get a little more disturbing) and talks of the new IT trailer. Less Skype problems but Scott's audio gets delayed at times. Well, better than constant dropping of calls.


Will Ferrell - Love Me Sexy

Seether - Fake It

Monster Magnet - Space Lord

Buckcherry - Lit Up

Next week's subjects are American Psycho and Fight Club.

Outtakes: Scott's weird plan if he ever gets in a fight


Episode 96: The Ninth Configuration and Exorcist 3: Legion

March 26, 2017

Skype issues galore, Sean attempting to keep his rundown short while Jake is the one who does a longwinded one, clips galore, a volume warning at 2:51:28 (prepare your volume buttons before, folks, if you value your hearing), a major disagreement, and Power Rangers is finally out so what does Jake think of it? Tune in to episode 96 to hear all of this crazy shit and more!


Denny Brooks - San Antone

The Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper

Children of Bodom - Taste of My Scythe 

Was this episode a little too deep for you? Well, next time we will bring it back to some low brow humor with Will Ferrell sports movies, Semi Pro and Talledega Nights.

Outtakes: What could be causing the Skype issues, and what's that weird noise you hear at the end of the show?


Episode 95: End of Supernatural Season 1

March 19, 2017

Well, after two years, we finally complete season 1 of Supernatural. Finally! Only 11 more seasons (plus a little more) to go! Woohoo! First, we do What We've Been Watching first because Scott needs to talk about Kong Skull Island. We get a long spoiler filled discussion so if you don't want anything spoiled, skip to the 17:30 mark of the show. Then usual BS for the rest of the opening.


Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son

Capture - Lost Control

Nine Inch Nails - Starfuckers Inc.

Korn - Make Me Bad

Monument of a Memory - Affliction

Next week, we return to the Exorcist to talk about the REAL sequels, The Ninth Configuration and Exorcist 3 Legion. Rest assured, we will never talk The Heretic or both prequels.

Outtakes: St Patty's day discussion which leads into religion, Scott could be like Jason Mewes, and Scott's heated real thoughts about the New England Patriots.


Episode 94: Night of the Creeps and Alone in the Dark

March 12, 2017

What's that? Tom Motherfucking Atkins and Donald Pleasance in the same episode? You damn right! It's always a good time to talk about these classic actors! We are here to talk about the Fred Dekker classic Night of the Creeps and Alone in the Dark, not only with Pleasance but Jack Palance, Martin Landau and Howling Mad Murdock! And no this isn't the Uwe Boll movie we're talking about (we might beat that horse to death in this episode). All that plus the overuse of affidavit, football talk returning for now with Free Agency, little talks of Logan and Kong Skull Island, Stan returning for feedback and more.


Motionless in White - Loud (Fuck It)

Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy

Soilwork - Stabbing the Drama

Next time, it's time we wrap up season 1 of Supernatural with the last 6 episodes of that season. I mean, hell, we only been talking about it for two years.

Outtakes: Do you miss being a kid, Jake Busey, Night of the Creps, what was Sean's longest rundown, and Jake's plan for Fantasy next year.


Episode 93: The Bill Paxton Tribute Show with Twister and Nightcrawler

March 5, 2017

One of the finest actors to appear on the screen has unfortunately left us. I am talking about Bill "Game Over, Man! Game Over" Paxton. So in honor of the man, we decide to put our previous plans to the side and talk about two movies starring him, Twister and Nightcrawler (one has him for only 10 minutes at least, but hey he's in it). That and a debate between two of us about whether or not he was the greatest actor, a man who loves his porn so much, IT remake news, another Stephen King adaptation, tornado talk and more.


Pat Benetar - Shadows of the Night with a Paxton clip show (Bill was in the music video, so it only makes sense)

Van Halen - Humans Being

Sublime - April 29, 1992

All That Remains - Safe House

Next week we go back to our original plan of Night of the Creeps with Tom Atkins and Alone in the Dark with Donald Pleasance.