Well after a week break it's time we finish this series with Toxic Avenger 3 The Last Temptation of Toxie and Citizen Toxie, and boy what a wild ride these movies are. Let's just say different opinions are given in this show. Also Jake talks about Cinema Psyops which he did a guest appearance on, and has also finally seen the new Ghostbusters. What did he think? Well give a listen to find out!


Scott Casey - Toxic Avenger theme

Strength in Numbers - Times of Grace

Exodus - Toxic Waltz

Orgy - Talk Sick (Because it sounds like toxic, get it?!!)

Next time, a little last minute change of plans. A Bill Paxton tribute show with Twister and Nightcrawler.


More Episodes

Episode 91: My Bloody Valentine 3D commentary

February 18, 2017

Valentine's Day was a few days ago, buuuuut what the hell. It's still a perfect time to talk about My Bloody Valentine, this time the 2009 remake featuring Jensen Ackles from Supernatural and Tom Motherfuckin' Atkins. Sean is a first timer with this movie so it's interesting to hear what he has to say about it. All that plus a new Dr. Loomis(?), eating hip bones, more video game talk and more.


Marilyn Manson - Valentine's Day

Zeromancer - Die of a Broken Heart

Sum 41 - Heart Attack

Next week, we finish the Toxic Avenger series with 3 & 4.

Outtakes: Jake has a dirty room, should he clean it?


Episode 90: The Toxic Avenger 1&2

February 12, 2017

It's time for a new retrospective. We are talking the face of the Troma movies himself, The Toxic Avenger. So sit back and enjoy us talking about the first two. First of all, what we thought was gonna be a short opening ended up not being so, as there's lot to talk about. Podcast pet peeves, one horror series possibly not continuing while another does, John Wick, and more video games. All this plus feedback from a new listener Brendan


Toxic Crusadres theme song

System Of A Down - Toxicity

Scott Casey - Toxic Avenger 2 theme

Race - Is This Love

Next week, a little break from the retrospective as it's Valentine's Day which means one thing. Now it's time to do the 3D remake of My Bloody Valentine.

Outtakes: Mike Myers (the comedian, not the killer) coming back?


Episode 89: Tales From the Crypt

February 4, 2017

After so many months, we're back to discussing Tales From the Crypt with season 2 episodes The Sacrifice, For Cryin' Out Loud, Four-Sided Triangle, The Ventriloquist's Dummy, Judy You're Not Yourself Today and Fitting Punishment. Sam Kinison is in one of these episodes, so expect a VOLUME WARNING because there might be impressions of him. Opening is shorter as we don't have a ton of news and what we've been watching, with Jake it's more like what I've been listening to or playing.

Music in the episode:

Cilver - Headstone

Sam Kinison - Wild Thing

LeVel - Living Inside of Me

Godsmack - I Stand Alone

Next week we start another retrospective, this time the Troma classic The Toxic Avenger.


Episode 88: Supernatural, It’s Always Sunny and Family Guy Christmas Specials

January 29, 2017

Sean's back from the honeymoon so we are back in full force! And woo boy prepare for a long opening of stuff that's been blue balling for a month! Some Are You Shitting Me, Jake is the only one who did a top 10 of 2016 and Worst of 2016, news stories that have been piling up about more celeb deaths, sequels and a trailer Jake HAS to talk about (if you follow him, you know damn well what it is). Then the What Have You Been Watching where Jake apparently has been watching a shit load for the last month or so.

Once you make it through all of that, it's time for the main feature: Christmas specials (a month after Christmas, but hey we stuck with our plans). Scott has Supernatural, Sean has It's Always Sunny and Jake has Family Guy. Feedback comes from Stan.

Music in this episode:


Family Guy - All I Want For Christmas

Motionless in White - Eternally Yours

Heinz Kiessling - Temptation Sensastion (The It's Always Sunny theme)

Family Guy - Christmastime is Killing Us

Psychostik - N.O.E.L.


Next time, more TV shows when we go back to Tales From the Crpyt season 2.

Outtakes: Jake reads stats of the show, Scott has a conspiracy theory, and Jake has one movie he forgot from his long ass list.


Episode 87: The Longest Yard (2005)

January 21, 2017

Well, Sean was busy so it's one more week of commentaries. This time around, the Adam Sandler remake of The Longest Yard featuring a lot of Sandler regulars, football stars, wrestlers and Burt Reynolds. Music comes from Nelly.

Next week, we should DEFINITELY get back into the groove of things with the Christmas specials (a month after Christmas of course)


Episode 86: Piranha 3D

January 14, 2017

So it's another commentary week, this time it's the Alexandre Aja remake of Piranha. Plenty of titties and gore in this, so does that mean it's good? Sync up your movies to this and find out. Music from Dethklok.

Next week, Sean might be back and we do our original plans of the 3 Christmas specials or a commentary of The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler.


Episode 85: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows commentary

January 8, 2017

We're back in a new year and deciding to start off 2017 as we started off 2016, with a commentary of a Turtles movie. This time the 2016 sequel Out of the Shadows, featuring Casey Jones, Bebop and Rocksteady and Krang. Sean's on his honeymoon so this is what we're doing for a little bit until he returns, so we're jumping right into the movie with no news or what we've been watching. Building that up for a while.

Music from CD9.

Next week, a commentary of Pirahna 3D.


Episode 84: Scrooged and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

December 24, 2016

This Christmas episode is jam packed! Sean returns, and gives a rundown of Scrooged with Bill Murray as long as the movie, then it's Scott's turn to talk to us about the holiday cult classic Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Plus Holidy styled Are You Shitting Me, sad Fantasy news, Stan the Man finally comes back to give drunken feedback, and good holiday music with the opening theme for Christmas Vacation, closing music of Scrooged, Bing Crosby, Ninja Turtles, and not so Christmasy King 810 (guess who made that pick).

Next week, just one more Christmas episode. This time it's Christmas specials of It's Always Sunny, Family Guy and Supernatural.


Episode 83: Black Christmas 1974 and 2006

December 19, 2016

We return after a week break to get festive, first with the original cult classic horror flick Black Christmas, and then the 2006 remake. The remake has a ton of hot ladies but is it better than the original? Tune in to find out.

First, one of us is in the playoffs for fantasy, Jake wins Are You Shitting Me this week by a landslide and the final Ash Vs Evil Dead talk until next season. Also we got some feedback from Billy, who came out of retirement to talk with us.

Music comes from Sixx AM, Polkadot Cadaver, Attack Attack and Orien's Reign.

Next week, Christmas comedies with Scrooged and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Plus somebody might be returning?